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School and Parish Volunteer Appreciation

Please join the St. John parish and school staff as we thank all those who give of themselves in service to our parish and school. There will be a special blessing at the 4:30 p.m. Saturday evening Mass followed by a buffet reception in the lower level of the school.

St. John School is blessed to have so many volunteers. I hope you can attend this event so we can thank you for your generosity!

A Note from Fr. Jeff

Dear Parish Families,

We are a stewardship parish which means that all of our parishioners are invited to become active stewards and encouraged to return a tithe to God in thanksgiving for all the blessings we experience. This tithe is present in our stewardship of prayer, generosity, and service.

All parishioners are asked to commit time to prayer, study, parish programs, and ministries. This is the return of time and talent. Financial stewardship involves returning a per- centage (a tithe being 10% as referenced in the Bible) of our pre-tax income to God through support of our parish and other charities. School families are encouraged to tithe as follows (keeping in mind the cost of educating one child at St. John is $4900):

School families:

  • 4% to our parish (encouraged in light of parish subsidies for your child’s education at St. John)
  • 5% tithe to our parish towards St. John parish Annual Operating Budget
  • 1% to the Archdiocesan Call to Share/or other Charity of your choice

Parish families in return for their active engagement in stewardship are not charged tuition for attendance at our parish school. It is a blessing to have this opportuni- ty! Our goal is that every parish school family under- stands and embraces this stewardship way of life and gives sacrificially for the education their child receives. It takes all of us!


Fr. Jeff Ernst, Pastor

Mrs. Pat Newton, Principal