St. John the Evangelist Church, Lawrence, KS

Upcoming Events

Parish Potluck Dinner

Please join us for a Parish Potluck Picnic on Sunday, April 26, right after the 5pm Mass. Main course will be provided. This will be a great time for fellowship and community.

Please bring your dish according to the First Letter of your last name:
     Last Name A-L: Side Dish
     Last Name M-S: Dessert
     Last Name T-Z: Drinks (cans please)

Help reduce waste! Bring your own plates, silverware, cups, and cloth napkins to the parish potluck!

Reservoir: Adoration

Come experience the presence of Christ in a celebration of Eucharistic Adoration on Wednesday, April 29, from 7:30-8:30 p.m. in the church. Bring along any prayer materials you would like, and prepare to give yourself to God through an hour of prayer, music, and meditation.