St. John the Evangelist Church, Lawrence, KS

Upcoming Events

2014 Lenten Schedule

Lent is a time to reflect on our spiritual lives, purify our hearts and prepare ourselves to accept the invitation of Christ to join Him in His fullness. To see full schedule of events at St. John during this season of Lent, as well as some of our favorite online Lenten resources, click here:

2014 Lenten Schedule at St. John

2014 Holy Week Schedule

Come experience the fullness of the Triduum, and continue preparing your hearts for the celebration of Easter at St.John! Click here to see a full schedule of Masses, services, Easter egg hunts, and more:

2014 Holy Week Schedule at St. John

Online Giving

We are pleased to announce that we will be using a new system for our automatic tithing withdrawals. It is called Online Giving, and it will give you complete control over managing your automatic tithing to St. John.

If you are currently giving via automatic withdrawals from your checking account or credit card, switching to Online Giving is a two-step process. Step one is to set up an account with Online Giving, which can be done by clicking on the icon below:

Step two is to email Cris Denning at or call Cris at (785) 843-0109 and request that your tithing account be transferred to Online Giving. Once this transfer is complete in our system you will receive an email from St. John the Evangelist with instructions on how to complete your account set-up.

If you do not currently have automatic withdrawals for your tithing, then please consider enrolling in this new Online Giving program. It is convenient and safe! Just click on the Online Giving icon above.

When you participate your gift will be securely transferred directly into the parish bank account. And you won’t have to remember to write a check or stop by the ATM on Sundays!

If you have any questions please contact Cris Denning by phone at (785) 843-0109 or by email at