St. John the Evangelist Church, Lawrence, KS

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On the Care for our Common Home

Last week, Pope Francis released his latest encyclical, Laudato Si’, On Care for Our Common Home. To help Catholics better understand Pope Francis’s letter and the Catholic Social Teaching theme of Care for Creation the Office for Social Justice has compiled links on its homepage to some great resources including: discussion guides and commentary. You can find the encyclical and the resources by visiting them at:

Parish Council Elections

Dear St. John Parish family, we have come upon that time for a parish pastoral council membership change. Three members will be rotating off of the council and will be replaced by three new members. I would like to ask you to nominate someone you feel would serve this ministry well.

The purpose of the pastoral council is to advise the pastor as to the needs of the parish in the areas of spiritual growth, evangelization, and social concerns, in light of our parish mission statement, which appears in the bulletin and parish website. The council also provides advice on practical matters such as property and maintenance. Once a year, the council also meets with a representative from the various parish committees and ministries. The council meets on the evening of the third Tuesday of the month, with the exception of one month during the summer.

If you know someone who would be a good candidate for the pastoral parish council, please call the parish office or send an email to me with the name of the person. I will then contact that person and, without identifying you, will ask that person if they would be willing to serve on the council. Once we have nominations, we will ask all of you vote for your choice by ballot. Thanks!

– Fr. Jeff

St. John Stewardship Campaign

As we begin the planning process for the future growth of St. John, take a look at our most recent stewardship campaign video: I Am St. John (Reflections on Stewardship, Community and Faith). Hear what some of our parishioners have to say about all that St. John has to offer thanks to the generosity of our members–we are many parts, but all one body!